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500,000 FIFA 15 PC Ultimate Team Coins

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This product is 500,000 FIFA 15 PC Ultimate Coins, which are delivered inside the FIFA 15 game for PC.

You will receive your FIFA Ultimate Team Coins via the auction house of the game. For this purpose, you make must make one of the players in your FIFA Ultimate Team available for sale (direct purchase) and send us the according data - team name, player name, etc. - so our supplier can buy that player for the price of the FUT Coins you have purchased at our shop.


Requires FIFA 15 in order to use.

This is a worldwide product, which means that it is completely region free. You will be requested to provide details after payment via AutoKey 




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How to receive your FIFA ultimate coins: 

Please follow these steps: 

1. Open the FIFA WebApp (http://www.easports.com/fifa/football-club/ultimate-team) and log in with your account data.

2. Click on the tab "My Club" -> "Players" and search for a cheap player that you want to sell by choosing the quality "Bronze"

3. As soon as you have decided which player you want to sell, you can click on "List on Transfer Market". At this point we recommend to write down the players name as you will have to indicate it later.

4. After You clicked on "List on Transfer Market" a window will open in which you can indicate the start price, the buy now price and the transfer duration. Do this as follows:

Buy Now price: Indicate the amount of coins that you want to order (Example 200,000)

Start Price: Can be chosen freely, we recommend to indicate it just below the buy now price (e.g. 199,999)

Transfer Duration: Must be 3 days

5. Now click "OK" to offer the player on the transfer market.


6. Send an email to our support team at the address provided on the Autokey page.

7. You can now enter your player name, player rating and your Ultimate Team Name in the email.

If you have forgotten write down the players name, you can find the player under "Transfers" -> "Transfer List".

The FIFA Ultimate Team Name is the name that you chose four your club, you will find it in the WebApp on the right side of the FIFA Ultimate Team logo.

The 5% transaction fee that is charged by EA is to be borne by you.

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