FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long to delivery of my product ?

It will usually be within 24 hours from the moment money is recieved. There is alot of orders constantly on the website so once the sales team reaches your order in the queue it will be processed. We try to send off as quick as possible with most users usually getting there orders within 2 hours when sales team is online.

2. I'm worried because I haven't recieved my key in over 24 hours ?

Cdkeyshere has support chat that you can go to and talk to and get your questions answered. If we are extrememly busy sometimes it can take a little longer but it's very unlikely so you should contact us immediately to make sure everything is fine.

3. I need help with my game or I have VPN issues or just need general help ?

CdKeysHere has online chat support, please go to the chat and ask all your questions to recieve help. People who dont speak english could try using a online translator to get there questions accrossed.

4. My cd key doesn't seem to work ?

In most cases it's because of the VPN not working correctly please redo the VPN process or try an alternative VPN option. If this doesnt correct your issue please contact the CdKeysHere support chat.

5. Where do I type my cdkey ?

In the description of the item you bought there should be some information as to where your key will go. Usually you can see the logo of the program it's used on for example Steam or Origin. If you can't figure it out please go speak to CdKeysHere support chat.

6. What do I use my Cdkeyshere points on ?

CdKeysHere offers small discounts to loyal customers. Once they purchase an item they are sent a couple of CdKeysHere points and when they feel like using there points they just enter the amount they want to use in the checkout and it removes a small amount of the total price. Save enough points and you can get games for free!

7. My game required additional files not found on steam or origin.

Please read the description of the item you purchased. Usually we write detailed instructions to get your games working but if there not written please contact the support chat.

8. I've been asked to provide additional I.D/Government I.D ?

To avoid scammers we sometimes request additional I.D to be sent to us so we can verify you actualy exist and the money you sent us is your own. Please either scan or take a photo and e-mail to [email protected]. You can hide important informations on it, we only need to see your name and surname.

9. I would like to purchase bulk keys/products how can I do so ?

Please send an e-mail requesting the order and questions about payment to: [email protected]

10. Will I be banned for using VPN or keys from Cdkeyshere ?

The chances are very small about %0.001 but if u experience this please contact support chat.

11. Phone verification isn't working ?

Try using google to find your international dial code and place it in the front of your mobile number. Make sure the number you type in is a mobile phone number and not using a proxy.

12. What payment options are there ?

We offer Paypal, Visa/MasterCard, Paysafecard, Sofort and Bank transfer(Turkey). You can use your credit cards on Paypal without using an account aswell.

13. Is what I want in stock ?

Usually we keep our stock up to date on description so if it allows you to purchase than it usually is in stock.

14. Where do our keys come from ?

Our products are legit bought games from different regions they are completely legal.

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