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Fifa 2010 CD Key

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You will get Fifa 2010 CD Key (with picture of the cd key and instructions). This game can not be activated on Steam platform.

About The Game:

Putting complex sports games on Nintendo's Wii is a tough process for developers. Not only do they have to try and make the title accessible to the system's more casual audience, but they also have to stay loyal to those fans who expect their sport to be properly replicated. It's an issue that FIFA 10 is clearly still struggling with, but even with those issues the game manages to provide solid, simplistic arcade fun.

The first thing that you'll notice when you pop FIFA 10 into your disc drive is that the amount of game modes has been ratcheted back considerably from other console versions. Manager Mode is now known as Battle for Glory and presents a few of the trimmings that you're used to, while adding a few Wii-centric features as well. You can still transfer players and check up on stats, but the feeling of actually being in control of a hugely important European (or elsewhere) club has been largely removed. Thankfully there's a fun Wii feature that casual soccer fans will appreciate. Before every game you'll select one of three "Manager Moments" which act as goals for the upcoming contest. If you successfully complete your goal, you'll be rewarded with attribute points for your entire team. I think it would have been better to add the attribute points to specific players, but the sweeping improvements will suffice.



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