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Dead Rising 2 CD Key

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 What will you get:

 You will get Dead Rising 2  CD Key (scan of the cd key from original DVD box).  You can activate this game on Windows Live. This game can not be activated on Steam platform. 

 About the game:

  Capcom's zombie hackfest returns with an all-new setting and protagonist. Find out if Chuck Greene is up to the task in our first look at Dead Rising 2. Capcom's Captivate 09 event featured a slew of games, but the highlight of the show was undoubtedly Dead Rising 2. The original game was one of the Xbox 360's early standouts and a knowing homage to American zombie movies, and it's hard to believe that the game is now almost three years old. Capcom R&D head and Dead Rising 2 producer Keiji Inafune has entrusted development of the sequel to Canadian studio Blue Castle Games, which was on hand at Captivate 09 to walk us through the game.

  Dan Brady, CEO and general manager of Blue Castle, gave us a tech demo that offered highlights of a few key features that will be in the sequel. Like in the game's predecessor, anything and everything can be used as a weapon, but the team is keen to up the ante with even more zombies and new weapons. Brady talked about maintaining the constant feeling of dread and being "out of your element." Dead Rising 2 introduces you to a brand-new location, the Vegas-like Fortune City, and a new hero, motocross champion Chuck Greene. The demo that we saw started out on a street where 1,000 zombies were enjoying a night out on the town, and moved into a small gaming lounge filled with rows of slot machines, card tables, and undead patrons. Taking control of Chuck, Brady picked up a baseball bat and begun laying into some hapless undead. Chuck will have plenty more weapons at his disposal, and we saw him taking hold of an electric guitar, machine gun, chair, roulette wheel, and even a slot machine. Dead Rising relied on Capcom's internal MT Framework engine, but Dead Rising 2 uses a completely separate engine developed by Blue Castle. The first instalment was capable of drawing 500 zombies at once, but the sequel is able to draw up to 7,000 zombies onscreen at once, all staggering, leering, and drooling in real time. The graphics look promising, with plenty of crisp textures and vibrant colours lighting up the neon-filled town. Although blood pools left behind by your hapless victims looked a bit unrealistic, other effects such as water reflections on asphalt and body dismemberment looked great.

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