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F1 2010 CD Key

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Region Free
Various Language
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 What will you get:

 You will get F1 2010 CD Key (scan of the cd key from original DVD box).  You can activate this game in Windows Live. This game can not be activated on Steam platform. 

 About The Game:

  The King returns after a three year absence – but can he still cut it among the new young kids that have taken his throne? Yes, the last time an F1 game hit an HD console came as Michael Schumacher was seemingly calling time on his career, the PlayStation 3's Formula 1 Championship Edition coming mere months after the seven times World Champion parked his car for what we thought was the final time. It'd be nice to draw comparisons with F1 games, but truth be told unlike the mercurial German they've never been that great. Sony Liverpool's stint on the license soon stagnated, and nearly eight years after Geoff Crammond slipped into the wilderness it's still his Grand Prix games that mark the peak of the relationship between the sport and video games.

  When it comes to the basics, F1 2010's already got a head start over the opposition thanks to its use of EGO, Codemasters' own tech that's already proven itself on the racing track with GRID and the two DiRTs. Even at this early stage F1 2010's not short on looks and while it lacks the pin-sharp detail of Forza and Gran Turismo it boasts the warmth and character that both those games lack. Taking to Monza in the wet is a highlight, with pools of water casting wonderful reflections of the passing cars while the treaded tyres glisten beautifully. But while it's inherited the good looks of its racing relatives, there's been a question mark over whether F1 2010 will inherit some of GRID's divisive handling characteristics. "First off, we do not do arcade and simulation," asserts Paul, "It's not two extremes! Some people have said that because it's a Codemasters title it's going to ask do you want arcade or do you want simulation. I think we're building something with a simulation mind at the forefront, but that doesn't necessarily make it difficult. It's about the car behaving as you'd expect it to, and it's about understanding how a car would react."


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