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Rage: Anarchy Edition DLC Code - SCANNED IMAGE

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This is a fully genuine, Out-Of-The-Box Rage: Anarchy Edition DLC CD Key / Serial for steam! Delivery via autokey system.

This product is the DLC ONLY. You can use the code to unlock the Anarchy Edition bonuses on Steam. It does not include the game itself.  You will need to already own Rage standard edition in order to use this code.

If you would like the full Rage Anarchy Edition (including the main game) you can purchase it HERE.

The Anarchy Edition will allow players to access two special weapons, the Double Barrel Shotgun and the Fists of RAGE. Additionally, players will have access to the Rat Rod Buggy, which will replace your standard in-game buggy, and the Crimson Elite Armor, giving you an extra defensive boost.

Anarchy Edition DLC Code: 
The code you will receive can be activated on Steam. It is required that you already own the RAGE game on steam beforehand.  After activation, you will be granted the following exclusive in-game items to add to your post-apocalyptic arsenal:

  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Fists of RAGE
  • Rat Rod Buggy
  • Crimson Elite Armor


Example of what you will receive:



This Activation code will be sent as a photograph image! this means you get an original photograph of the cd key that's taken from a brand new sealed PC DVD box.

This activation code can be used on steam.  It is multi-language and fully region free.


What am I Buying?

You are buying a brand new unused Anarchy DLC code for Rage.  It is an activation code taken directly from a brand new and sealed Rage: Anarchy Edition PC DVD game. It does not include the main game key. Only the DLC code for the anarchy edition bonuses.  

Is the activation key region locked?

No. The keys that CDKeysHere sell are fully region free and brand new. They will work in all regions and all languages.

Does Rage have Steamworks support?

Yes. Any product code from a retail Rage PC DVD box will work on steam. Our company imports brand new rage boxes and sells the product keys from them as steam downloads. We discard of the boxes and recycle them.  We can offer very good prices to our customers because of the savings made as there is no physical postage needed.  It's good for the environment too!

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