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Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands CD Key

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You are buying Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands CD Key (with picture of the cd key).  You need to get this game from any source (torrent, rapidshare, etc) and enter this key there. This game can not be activated on Steam platform.  

About The Game:

  Okay, hands up if you thought this was going to be rubbish. We've got our hands up at the moment too, if you were wondering. Blame the fact that Ubisoft practically kicked Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands out the door in a brown paper bag, or blame the fact that it's arriving dangerously close to Disney's Prince of Persia movie. Call us pessimists but this latest iteration in the long-running franchise virtually had 'quick movie cash-in' stamped all over it. Turns out our cynicism got the better of us, and - particularly if you're a fan of the series' pre-2008's PoP reboot - you should be very happy indeed.

According to Ubisoft, The Forgotten Sands takes place sometime during the seven years between beloved series classic Sands of Time and loud, growly, slightly less beloved The Warrior Within. In all honesty though, this latest PoP game sticks so doggedly to the template laid down in Sands of Time, you could easily mistake it for a hi-def remake in its opening hours. Just as in Jordan Mechner's last-gen classic, you arrive at the royal palace in the midst of war, battle spilling into the courtyards as you leap and climb toward the relative safety of the palace interior. There's even a calamitous supernatural event that threatens to bring about the land's destruction - this time as your brother unleashes Solomon's Army in a bid to turn the tide of battle.

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