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GTR Evolution CD Key

Region Free
Various Language
Units Sold: 18
Reward Points: 175
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Price in reward points: 8000

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 What will you get:

You will get GTR Evolution CD Key.  You can enter this key to your Steam account. Just activate and download your game. 


If you have a language problem, simply copy the contents of C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ XXXXX \ race 07 \ UIData \ config.txt in
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ xxxx \ race 07 \ config.dat and paste it in, then you have to save it in unicode format, NOT ANSI, Because you only see portuguese and russian languages, if u don't do this. Also turn off the game  updates from properties.   

 About the game:

 SimBin has become one of the premier developers of racing games since the studio was founded just five years ago. The studio's GTR and RACE series haven proven to be great games year in and year out, and its latest, an expansion to RACE 07 titled GTR Evolution, is no exception.

 Evolution's big addition is three different configurations of Nürburgring. Quite possibly the most famous course in the world, Nürburgring is a grueling 14 mile track that can bring even the most experienced drivers to their knees. Your first attempts at taming the beast will likely end up with you being spanked and sent to bed without dinner, but if you persist you'll start to learn the track one section at a time, slightly improving your lap times with each attempt. Eventually you'll find success at Nürburgring, and there's no greater thrill in racing than to finish "The Ring" in first place with your car completely (or even mostly) intact.

Sure, it is not as cool as your car in real life, but it'll do.

The rest of Evolution's content is not as groundbreaking as the addition of Nürburgring. There are new cars to tool around in, most notably the WTCC Extreme Cars and Evolution concept cars--which are no joke. You'll need some serious skills to handle that kind of power. In addition to those behemoths, there are 26 new GT car models spanning four classes, which bring the game's total to 12 racing classes and 49 different vehicles, including the Koenigsegg CCX, Dodge Viper GTS/R and SRT/10, Corvette C5-R and C6-R, Audi R8, Gumpert Apollo, and more.

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