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Driver San Francisco CD Key

Uplay Downloader
Region Free
Various Language
Units Sold: 17
Reward Points: 100
Availability: In Stock
23.99€ 15.99€

Price in reward points: 10000

5 reviews

 What will you get:

 You will get Driver San Francisco CD Key (scan of the cd key from original DVD box). You can activate your key and download the game on Uplay. This key can not be activated on Steam and Windows Marketplace.

 About the game:


  Rediscover the cinematic driving sensations of DRIVER®: loose suspension, long drifts, sharp bends and high-speed pursuits in dense traffic. Drive over 120 licensed cars involved in some of the most intense chase sequences ever seen.

  Drive on more than 200 miles of road network, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and along iconic locations throughout San Francisco. Dip into the lives of different residents, a head-spinning array of characters, each with a unique perspective on a city under siege.
  Earn the ability to SHIFT and experience unprecedented freedom, diversity and intensity like no other action driving game. Deploy civilian vehicles to block your enemies’ getaways, defuse bombs under trucks around the city or take down a convoy of juggernauts ploughing through cars on the highway.
  Ram, tail and overtake in 19 different, frantic and addictive multiplayer modes including online competitive modes, split screen competitive modes and split screen cooperative modes, where SHIFT adds a completely new online gaming experience for players and their friends.
  • Record your best stunts and chases with the Film Director replay mode to edit and share your movies online
  • Test your driving skills with over 30 challenge races and 80 “dares” spread all across the city
  • Listen to over 60 music tracks with songs from famous artists and remixes of the original Driver® theme
  • Earn cash to buy cars, and purchase garages around the city to store them in
  • Collect 120 in-game collectibles to unlock 12 Movie challenges inspired by classic TV & Movie chases

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